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restorative adjective /'riˈstôrətiv/
: having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being


I help people with autoimmune conditions go from feeling depleted, overwhelmed and disconnected to rejuvenated, encouraged and centered

I guide you through food, movement and lifestyle to rebalance your body and find a sense of relief in your symptoms and frustration.

I give you a sacred space to go deep into your fears and pain, and offer nonjudgmental advice to lead you back to your body.

I share with you tips and tools to get quiet, listen to your body and feel capable of making the best choices for yourself!

I help you to find freedom in your body and to just feel "normal" again.

I help you restore your health!



My specialties include:

FOOD : I help you understand what your body needs by detoxifying and dissecting your food habits. I help you eliminate allergenic and inflammatory foods which reduces stress on the body and supports gut health (fundamental to absorb nutrients and heal disease). I get you off of the food rollercoaster with increased energy, clarity and endurance by eating nutrient dense foods. Ultimately, you learn how to make choices that are good, better and best for you. I put your health back into your hands. More

MOVEMENT : I help you give your body the credit and attention it deserves.  I show you how to support the body in ways that will detoxify physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that you reduce fatigue and stress. I guide you toward self care and self awareness so that you can build a new relationship with your inner self. I help you feel your body to feed your body. More

LIFESTYLE : I teach you ways to decrease your exposure to toxins, physically and emotionally, so that your body can calm down, de-stress and rejuvenate. I show you new ways to nourish your body from the external world, so that mind, body and spirit come together more peacefully. When your external world is detoxified, you can be more clear and collected in your space. I show you how to detoxify your life to restore your health. More

I can help you really bring these together with one of my comprehensive support programs, or we can work together on an individual practice. I want you to feel better, from the inside, out, so your body and your health can thrive



I passionately believe in a holistic healing approach. I know that anyone can restore their own health through a commitment and understanding of themselves. When I learned I had Crohn's disease (after feeing bad for 10+ years) I was overwhelmed with fear, felt like a failure and was determined to do whatever it took to heal myself naturally. This deepened my study in nutrition and allowed me to get hyper focussed on gut health and balanced immunity. I reversed my digestive autoimmune disease within two years through detoxification, diet and lifestyle. I now support people internationally to do the same. Based in Boulder, Colorado, I offer Transformational Nutrition Coaching, Personal Chef Services, Elimination Diet and Support Programs for people with autoimmune disease. I create recipes, mealplans and programs devoted to Paleo and Autoimmune Paleo protocol. Using the pillars of science, psychology and spirituality, I offer insightful ways to shift your relationship with food, reconnect with your body and reclaim your health.