restorative adjective /'riˈstôrətiv/
: having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being


I help people with autoimmune & inflammatory conditions go from stressed, overwhelmed and helpless to supported, inspired and empowered. I show you the tools to live life without boundaries, to employ a sense of freedom in your body and to just feel "normal" again.

There are so many things in life that can create stress, both emotionally and physically… which leads to anxiety, exhaustion and a sense of hopelessness. When you have an autoimmune or chronic inflammatory condition, stress creates potential for flare up, more pain, and even more frustration and discouragement.

I teach you restorative techniques, through diet and lifestyle practices, to move through these feelings. I teach you how to nourish your body, mind and spirit so that you can feel whole again. I teach you how to live in the world with an autoimmune or inflammatory condition, without feeling compromised.

I help you restore your health!



My specialties include:

FOOD : I help people understand and cultivate the kinds of wholesome eating habits that create and sustain a healthy body and mind. From the elimination of food allergens in your diet to the use of local and organic ingredients, all the foods and recipes I prepare are designed to taste amazing, look beautiful and feel incredible for your body. More

MOVEMENT : Finding the right way to move your body, feel your body and listen to your body is one of the greatest discoveries you can make. My background in yoga and awareness practices allows me to create customized routines that allow you to gently but powerfully come back into your body, for greater connection, health, and strength. More

LIFESTYLE : What goes onto your skin, goes into your body and actually affects your overall health. I help you understand where toxins are found, and where they can be eliminated. Plus, I introduce you to products that are good for you, that actually work, and that make you feel, look and smell great. More

I can help you really bring these together with one of my comprehensive programs, or we can work together on an individual practice. I want you to feel better, from the inside, out!